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No matter what your business objective is, Paymi will help you achieve it.

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Your Business Objectives

Paymi is focused on being the leaders in providing significant value added benefits to its partners. We will work diligently with you to construct the right incentive campaign to meet any and all business objectives, while unlocking key insights to help drive future sales.

Drive Conversion

Reward Loyals

Build Baskets

Grow Penetration

Increase Trip Frequency

Revive Lapsed Users

Campaign Intelligence

Leveraging our immense purchase database, Paymi will effectively measure your campaign results, while determining your ROI and ROAs:

Offer Performance
Evaluate which offers are performing best.
Savers Profile
Are we reaching your intended audience?
Share Change
Measure change in consumer behaviour.
Source of Volume
Identify where share gains are coming from.
Sales/Trip Lift
Measure incremental lifts in dollars, trips and baskets.
Calculate your return on investment and profits.

Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

Paymi gives you visibility to where else your customers shop, dine, play and spend their dollars outside the store. Let us help you uncover these valuable insights.

Drive Brand Awareness

Advertising on Paymi will drive awareness with our significantly growing member base and bullseye target audience.

Our Valued Partners

Paymi has worked with many leading partners over the years including:

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