Paymi Partners with Othership in 2024

Monday, January 22, 2024

Are you ready to elevate your wellness journey while saving big? Paymi is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with Othership, a transformative wellness oasis that brings you the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Discover the secrets to achieving inner balance, and earn cashback rewards while doing so!

The Othership Experience

Othership is your destination for holistic well-being, featuring an array of amenities designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit:

  1. Sauna: Step into the sauna to unwind, relax your muscles, and detoxify your body. Experience the soothing heat and the blissful feeling of release.
  2. Ice Bath: For an invigorating experience, take a dip in the ice bath. This contrasts the sauna's warmth and helps improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost energy.
  3. Tea Lounge: After your wellness sessions, sip on a variety of herbal teas and nourishing beverages in the comfortable tea lounge. Reflect on your journey and connect with others.
  4. Lockers and Towels: Othership offers convenient lockers to store your belongings and provides plush towels for your comfort.

With this exclusive partnership, Paymi members can now earn $10 cashback when they book their Othership experience through the Paymi app. It's an excellent opportunity to indulge in self-care and save money simultaneously.

How to Leverage a Card Linked Offer

Are you curious about how card linked offers work? It's simple and convenient:

  • Step 1: Sign up for Paymi or log in to your existing Paymi account.
  • Step 2: Link your preferred payment cards to your Paymi account. This step ensures that your cashback rewards are credited directly to your card.
  • Step 3: Browse the Paymi app for incredible offers from various partners, including Othership.
  • Step 4: Click on the Othership offer to learn more and access the exclusive cashback.
  • Step 5: Book your wellness experience at Othership through the Paymi app, and your cashback will be automatically applied to your linked card.

It's that easy! By taking advantage of card linked offers, you can save money while enjoying life to the fullest.

Join Paymi Today

Whether you're a wellness enthusiast or a brand looking to connect with a community of engaged users, Paymi is your gateway to a world of benefits. Join Paymi today, explore exclusive offers, and start earning cashback rewards on your favorite experiences. And for brands, partnering with Paymi opens doors to a diverse and loyal customer base, ready to discover and engage with your offerings.

Unlock wellness, savings, and opportunities with Paymi and Othership. Your journey to a better you begins here. ✨💰 

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