Welcome Decathlon as a Card-Link Offer

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Attention, sports enthusiasts and savvy shoppers! We're thrilled to share an exciting announcement that's about to take your sports gear shopping to the next level. Paymi is proud to welcome Decathlon as our latest card-linked offer partner on the Paymi Cashback Rewards app.

Decathlon: Sporting Excellence Meets Cashback Delight!

At Paymi, we're all about bringing you incredible opportunities to earn cashback on your everyday purchases, and our partnership with Decathlon is no exception. Decathlon's mission to make sports accessible to everyone aligns perfectly with Paymi's commitment to putting cash back in your pocket. Now, you can score big savings while pursuing your passion for sports and fitness.

Why Decathlon?

Decathlon is a name synonymous with quality, affordability, and a wide range of sporting goods. Whether you're into hiking, cycling, yoga, or any other sports and outdoor activities, Decathlon has you covered. And now, with Paymi, you'll not only find the gear you need but also enjoy cashback rewards on every purchase.

How It Works:

Link Your Card: If you haven't already, link your credit or debit card to your Paymi account. This step is essential to start earning cashback effortlessly.

Shop at Decathlon: Visit your nearest Decathlon store or explore their online collection. From athletic wear to equipment and accessories, Decathlon offers an extensive range of products.

Enjoy Cashback: Make your purchase with the linked card, and watch as cashback flows into your Paymi wallet. It's that simple!

More Sports, More Savings: Only with Paymi

With Decathlon on board, Paymi is your ultimate destination for sporting goods and unbeatable savings. Say goodbye to hunting for discounts or waiting for cashback checks. Paymi ensures that you earn cashback instantly and effortlessly. Plus, our partnership with Decathlon is just one of the many exciting developments on the horizon.

Stay tuned for more incredible offers, partnerships, and opportunities to earn cashback on the Paymi Cashback Rewards app. Your savings journey has just begun, and we're thrilled to have you on board.

Ready to gear up for your next adventure and earn cashback while you're at it? Download the Paymi app today and unlock the full potential of your sports shopping experience with Decathlon. Sports, savings, and simplicity – all in one place, only on Paymi!

Don't miss out on the excitement. Download Paymi now and start earning cashback with Decathlon and many more of your favorite brands. It's time to make every purchase count, and Paymi is here to make it happen!

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