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Awesome Gifts That You Can Get With Paymi
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About Scholarship

ScholarTree was founded on the idea of helping students avoid debt! We found two app that give you cashback on everyday purchases. Think of them as all in one rewards cards. These apps are completely FREE to download and try!

Paymi (They currently offer every student who signs up $5 as an incentive.)

- Their partners include:



Burger King


and more

Drop - Their partners include:

Under Armour





and more

How they both work:

Link your debit and credit cards (They use state of the art encryption, do not gain access to your banking information at any time)

Rack up points whenever you shop at their partner locations

Redeem your points for cash reward

ScholarTree is interested in  learning what products or services interest students and how they find the user experience. From time to time we will have a Scholarship/Contest that involves a student reviewing a web page or service and provide feedback to us.

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